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GTAC Visit

Today GTAC scientists introduced the 5/6 students to forensic science. Students used microscopes to view and identify seeds, feathers and beetles, and microorganisms in water samples.

















Check out the Maker Ed page to see what we have been up to in photography!


2017 Term 1

Welcome back! In 5/6 we are very busy so make sure you check back regularly for important dates in the 5/6 calendar. The numeracy and literacy pages will include information and activities for classroom and homework practice. The STEM page will be updated with information about the Fantastic Beasts and Photography electives for this term.

Term 3

Term 3 is here! In the 5/6 classroom this week we have started exploring new topics including: directions and mapping(check out the Numeracy page for a few games), information reports, and our Integrated Studies topic – ‘A Trip around the World’.

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