Number & Algebra



More ways to multiply

Multiplication Practice

Place Value

Place Value Millionaire

Sequences & Patterns

Crack the Code Number Patterns

Sequences & Patterns Tutorial


Manga High Piñata Fever – add & subtract with negative numbers

Simplifying, adding & subtracting fractions

Simplifying fractions

Fruit Splat Fraction Addition

Factors, multiples and fractions

Factors and Multiples Game 

Comparing Fractions with different denominators

Fraction Wall / Number Line


Wishball Challenge Hundredths

Match the decimal model to the decimal

Counting by tenths

Measurement & Geometry


Using a protractor

Find missing angles in triangles and quadrilaterals

Calculate angles in triangles

Naming Angles

Area of a circle

Volume & Capacity

Bitesize Volume

Math is Fun – Volume

Minecraft Volume

3D Boxes

Area & Perimeter


Calculate area & perimeter

Zoo Designer

Using maps and Cartesian coordinates

Find Places on a Grid Map

Rainforest: make a walking track

Interactive Cartesian Coordinates

Hit the Coordinate Game

Dino Dig

Battleship coordinates


Bitesize Transformation Game


Statistics & Probability  

ABC Splash

Calculate mean height of students using CensusAtSchool Data

Using Excel to calculate mean, median and mode